Category: Science and Technology

The Hidden Benefits of a Smart Watch

We’ve all seen or maybe even have a smartwatch, a watch that is basically a wrist phone that allows text, incoming calls, and emails to be seen if we don’t have our phone on us. However, it can be used for so much more and scientists want to help it reach that potential. Wearable technology […]

Is time travel possible?

Like every single nerd who has read comics and watched sci-fi shows, and even written a few fictional stories on the topic, I really like the idea of time travel. Most scientists do too, and there’s an ongoing debate about whether time travel is possible. If it is, and humans get the chance to travel […]

France Enacts a Smartphone Ban in Schools

Phones have been a problem for school teachers and administrators for the better part of a decade. Students having their own smartphone from a middle school age has become increasingly common, and it can cause disruption in school, especially if students are constantly using social media in class. France seems to be taking a serious […]